Ok, feminists I like. I respect you. More power to you, let’s get some equality rolling
However, Marxists Feminists. Grow the fuck up
And you radical feminists who seem to want superiority over men? Get the fuck out. Seriously. 
Let’s get this straight…..your cause originally campaigned to bring down inequality between the sexes
Now you’re campaigning for……inequality between the sexes…..
This goes to every woman who thinks she’s better than all men. To every woman who has snapped at a man who has held a door open for them. To every single women who, when called beautiful or sexy, rants that they “aren’t just looks they are brains and personality”. To every last woman who has accused other women of being “a disgrace to their gender” simply because they do not agree with your views
This is for you
Fuck off you neo-nazi philistines :)